The GEDEP concept

GEDEP means "Gestion des Défauts de Présence" meaning roughly "Truancy Management System". It is aimed at secondary educational establishments (high schools), public or private, so as to process and manage truancy data automatically on a real time basis. This system, real breakthrough in this domain, has been patented : truancy management system for high schools without any computing wiring. GEDEP uses the Power Line Communication Technology (PLC Technology), that is, the information and data flow by the existing traditional electrical network.

How does that work ?

It is composed as following :

A technology, developed around an invention patented number 9512896 based on the Power Line Communication.
Very specific equipments supporting this technology are logged on the network via the existing electrical network, including: :

For each classroom

  • A device operating like a modem but using the power line communication technology.
  • An optical pencil reading bar codes.
At the educational office
  • An autonomous computing station
  • A data collector using the PLC technology connected to a tri-phased wall socket
  • A software collecting and displaying information regularly, accounting and editing the different states and levels of truancy.
Our services
  • Training of the three users levels: lecturers, supervisors, administrative staff
  • Installation and parameter setting.
  • Remote maintenance.

Working principles

Each lecturer has permanently an attendance sheet with bar codes at his/her disposal for each division. He/she has as many sheets as there are divisions allocated to him/her at his/her disposal. The teacher records directly the truants resulting from the registration thanks to the optical pencil available in each classroom. At the educational office, the data collector scans permanently every modem and the software edits the states of truancy in a real time.

What are the advantages of this product ?

Working advantages for the educational establishments

GEDEP processes truancy in real time automatically; getting absences data in real time enables heads of schools and their collaborators to be relieved of any responsibility. Supervisors and Principal Educational Advisers are totally relieved of heavy tasks, that is, manual truancy management, which enables the educational office staff to focus on its educative missions and increase security.

GEDEP can be installed in any establishment, recent or old, it does not necessitate any computing wiring and works on the traditional electrical network without any maintenance or servicing.

This system enables to inform very rapidly parents or relatives about the children absence. Absences or delays data remain under the control of the lecturer, which is the only reliable method.

A simple, rapid and reliable product

For the lecturer, the registration is felt like a heavy administrative task, an overload burdening his main activity. The capture by optical pencil and bar code is industrially known as being much faster and safer.
There is no more manual writing, collection on paper and computing capture.
Mails intended to parents or pupils are directly edited.
At any moment, the educational office is able to issue the state of pupils attendance (time and place)
At the administrative level, there is an absolute compatibility between the inter-academic computing tool "GEP" ( Pupils Attendance Management) and the GEDEP system, which avoids a double capture of the pupils.
The system has also been conceived to manage delays, groups and sizes updates.
The system is totally independent on schedules and classrooms.
The simplicity and reliability of the system does not necessitate maintenance. ARCANE simply has foreseen a remote maintenance contract to help users in case of problem.

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